About us

With 10 retail stores and over 100 wholesalers nationwide supplying our beds, we are proud to be at the forefront of a good night’s rest for the nation.

Giving Back

Commitment to Community

When we got together to start King’s Comfort we had a dream, to help create a better country for us and our children to live in and to create a brand of mattress that will give each big dreamer their best night’s sleep.  We are proudly local, and we have chosen to start our dream in an area rich with history but in need of new dreams.  Thanks to our dreams, over 400 families who partner with us now have new dreams.

Aiming High

Commitment to Quality

Big dreams need a good night’s sleep on a quality mattress and base set. That’s what has guided us every step of the way, when we source our materials and when we create a finished mattress.  Precision engineering, supporting foam and quality materials like fabric and wood are put together by skilled craftsmen and women, who create the highest quality mattress and base sets.

Happy Customers

Stores Nationally

Big Dreams


Meet Our Leader

The people that take care of all the big dreams out there.



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Factory – 086 12 13 14 1
Retail – 087 087 16 11

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